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Hands-Free Jogger Leash

Hands-Free Jogger Leash

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Free up your hands while you jog and take your pooch with you with this reflective traction hands-free rope leash. Waist wearing makes your hands free while you control your dog. The adjustable waist belt can fit the waist from 24" to 43", freely use your phone or push a stroller/cart without worrying about your dog.  

  • Strong dual bungees construction: Dual bungees design help to absorb shock, jerk and lunge, for dogs up to 150 lbs, reduce back strain and the risk of getting hurt.
  • Extra handles for easy control: Your dog is in your control, easily pull the dog back to safety with the dual built-in handles. Get a more direct control and prevent dog fights with the collar's handle.
  • Visible at night: Reflective stitching makes the leash safe to use even in the dark, which provides the secure environment of running, walking, jogging with your lovely dog.
  • Adequate running room for dog: Experience an adjustable hands free dog leash belt that stretches up to 82" to suit all dogs no matter their size. Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heel
  • Material: Nylon and mesh
  • Color: Various
  • Specifications: S: Leash Width 2.5cm/0.98" , length 32cm /12.59"; M: Leash Width 2.5cm/0.98" , length 47cm /18.50"

Leash Dimension

2.5*160 cm

(Belt 70-120 cm)

(Telescopic running belt 160-260 cm)

Single Bag Dimensions

2.5*110 cm

(Adjustable waist 76-110 cm)

Leash + Bag Dimensions



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